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Saint John Sports Medicine Clinic & Renova Physiotherapy

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Whether you’ve suffered an injury at work, received an injury while playing a sport or experience pain from a disability, find relief from the physiotherapists at Saint John Sports Medicine Clinic & Renova Physiotherapy. As primary health

care professionals, our physiotherapists will use hands-on clinical skills to assess, diagnose and treat

your symptoms.

Our goal is to restore, maintain and improve your strength, function and overall well-being. We offer

clinic treatment that provides modalities such as ultrasound, laser, shockwave and interferential therapy.

We also have access to a vast array of fitness equipment and pools, combining hydrotherapy with

physiotherapy makes us unique. Our bright, wheelchair accessible clinics are conveniently located in the

Canada Games Aquatic Centre, the largest aquatic facility in New Brunswick.

Physiotherapy for All Ages

Osteoplus – Discover a Brand New You



Canadian Physiotherapy Association
Complete Concussion Management

We wish to invite you to experience the benefits of Osteopathic care, with European Style Manual Osteopathy Services at the beautiful facility of Saint John Sports Medicine Clinic in the Canada Games Aquatic Centre.  Osteopathy is a manual therapy that extends into all aspects of the human body for a truly full body approach to healing.

Osteopathy has no serious adverse effects and is relatively risk-free for most anyone. Osteopathic manipulation is less                                                                             invasive than conventional Chiro, massage and other treatments. The Osteopathy                                                                             practitioner will use forms of manipulation of the viscera, cranial and musculoskeletal                                                                     systems to prevent and treat sprains, strains, bursitis, tennis elbow, neck discomfort,                                                                     tendonitis, and other conditions. Many people who experience Osteopathy feel it                                                                               provides many of the following:  Significantly boosts bodily systems health, Addresses postural issues, Restores joint function, Reduces recurring pain, Enhances the recovery from trauma, Reduces scars and adhesions, Boosts lymphatic system function, Significantly improves healing times, Improves your balance and kinetics.

According to research, Osteopathy may also be effective in treating problems of visceral origin, mental outlook, and many other conditions. When provided as an adjunct to a healthy lifestyle such as a sound diet and moderate exercise, Osteopathy can reduce the need of some medications and surgeries. You may see immediate benefits if you implement this into a daily practice of self care.


Also we offer a new high powered medical laser service, and therapeutic modalities to assist in speeding up the recovery process. 


Feel free to call the clinic or click on the contact us button to fill out a form and we will follow up with you to answer your questions and book an appointment for you.  You can also visit the website for more information.

Conveniently Located, Service Oriented

While we are celebrating over 35 years at the Canada Games location, we have over 40 years of experience providing physiotherapy services and we are conveniently located on the pedway system in the heart of the uptown Saint John business district. We offer land and water therapy along with many other physiotherapy/rehabilitation services.  We have recently added Osteopathy services to assist you in your overall health.  


As we are primary health care professionals, you don’t need a referral to see us for an assessment. Not only do we have physiotherapists, we have an osteopath and access to registered massage therapists if your condition would benefit from these services and will gladly direct bill Blue Cross along with many other private insurance companies.

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