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Water Ripples

The founders opened Saint John Sports Medicine Clinic in 1987 and Renova Physiotherapy in 1986. We are honored to be the oldest physiotherapy clinics in Saint John with the Saint John Sports Medicine Clinic celebrating over 36 years of service and Renova Physiotherapy celebrating their 37th anniversary this year.  This year we are very excited to welcome Osteoplus which will provide all your Osteopathy needs for our patients.

                                                                   The Saint John Sports Medicine Clinic has been located in the Canada Games Aquatic                                                                     Center for over 35 years and now our Renova Physiotherapy Clinic, with over 36                                                                               years’ experience, has joined us in the Canada Games Aquatic Center. As primary                                                                             health care providers, our goal is to restore, maintain and improve function, improve                                                                       movement and overall wellbeing. Through our in depth knowledge of how the body                                                                         works, an appropriate treatment plan will be developed based on an assessment and                                                                       paying close attention to your history.


Our team of office staff, Physiotherapists and Osteopath professionals, utilizes the Aquatic  Center facility to provide a unique experience to the community. Our physiotherapists & osteopaths annually participate in continuing their education and practice evidence based treatment. Treatment plans may include techniques and modalities in the clinic or in the fitness/pool facilities. We will monitor progress, improvement in your symptoms and function throughout treatment and report this back to your treating physician(s).

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Meet Our Team

Saint John Sports Medicine Clinic


B.P.E., BSc. P.T., M.C.P.A.,


Over 35 Years' Experience

Member of Canadian Physiotherapy Association

Ken Salmon has combined his degrees in physical education and physiotherapy to develop an active approach to physiotherapy, over the past 30 years.  Ken is continually keeping abreast of new approaches in rehabilitation as well as new technology to assist patients in accessing our services. He recently received the latest training in concussion management. We now know much more about the physiology and assessment of concussion. Evaluation and proper progression of exercise are key components in assisting people returning to normal activity, work and sport.  Evidence based treatment is always striven for and when you combine this with experience and a very personalized approach the results are most often very positive.  Ken likes to stay active himself, participating in sailing, hiking, hockey, and skiing. He is really just trying to keep up to his three sons.



Doctor of Manual Osteopathy (EU)


Native Canadian Thomas Andrew has been involved in the study and practice a manual therapy for 25 years. His energy and passion for helping others has led him on a journey that has exposed him to the philosophy of many healing arts from abroad, particularly the Far and Middle East. With time and exposure he learned to escape the feeling of confinement he had from his western orthopaedic perspective.

He has always been a manual therapist, firstly as a Massage Therapist, and Sports Therapist working in an environment with significant physical therapy influence, moving forward through the years with studies required for a Doctorate Degree in European Style Manual Osteopathy and a PhD in Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine.

Thomas has been involved in working with sports, physical therapy clinics, and in high end resorts where hospitality and presentation are paramount. His services were utilized by the World famous Cirque Du Soliel , Emirate Royalty, and elite athletes. He has written for Women's Health and Fitness Magazine Middle East. In recent years Thomas was also well known for being heard on radio, spreading his knowledge and enthusiasm for his love of Osteopathy. He treated his patients from a small clinic nestled on the beautiful south shores of Southampton Bermuda. With a love for health, fitness and a positive lifestyle, he promotes the well-being of people by encouraging them to take charge of their health. His wealth of experience is a grand contribution to those seeking to benefit from the broad spectrum of modalities offered by a Doctorate level Osteopath.

“Osteopathy can address the ever growing concern of chronic pain. I welcome you to call or inquire if you have any questions about this wonderful method of healing. It is my job and my pleasure to serve you.”

Saint John Sports Medicine Clinic & Renova Physiotherapy
Over a Half Century of Care

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